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The Innovation & Research Centre is a global centre of excellence that provides cutting-edge research and comprehensive data on global best practices and benchmarks in aviation, aerospace and travel. We are focused on industry research, data and innovation with the objective of redesigning airline and airport business models.


  • Comprehensive on-demand data, insights, business intelligence and visualisation tools for operational and financial metrics
  • New solutions for aviation, aerospace and travel through a robust global, multi-industry assessment based on our proprietary frameworks and approach
  • Global best practice tracking and benchmarking to deliver cutting-edge research and comprehensive insights
  • Continuous planning and decision-making support through customised data-driven research and analysis

We undertake intensive research and data analysis to identify best practices (both within and cross-industry) and create frameworks, which form the cornerstone of our recommendations, to provide comprehensive, data-backed and actionable insights and continuous planning and decision support for aviation stakeholders.


Furthermore, we undertake multivariate analysis of cross-sectional data to derive insights with far-reaching impact on business performance.

Some examples of how our clients benefit from our services


Build on your business-critical capabilities with our customised and focused insights, data, and research


Benchmark yourself against other players using our specialised tools and proprietary IP


Understand the critical features of a ‘profitable by design aviation business’ and identify best practices


Take well-informed decisions based on our accurate real-time insights

Airline & Airport Dashboard

We are developing an airline and airport dashboard that will track 400+ operating, financial and functional KPIs and 9,000+ data points.

  • Operational KPIs: Data metrics and performance indicators illustrating the operating performance of businesses under coverage
  • Financial KPIs: Financial metrics and performance indicators of businesses under coverage
  • Functional KPIs: Data metrics and performance indicators of various functions within the businesses under coverage

For any assistance, please contact:

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Karishma Sharma at +91 99999 74339 or Abhipsa Talwar at +91 98786 16161