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We provide high-quality and outcome-driven digital transformation strategies and implementation frameworks for the aviation, aerospace and travel businesses worldwide to attain their next-generation growth objectives. The core theme of our practice is focused on ‘Digital by Design’, where design and technology converge to deliver business outcomes. Value can only be delivered, if products, processes and people are factored in business outcomes, keeping technology and design at the core.

Benefits of Our Proprietary 5Q Framework & Design Thinking Approach

Build digital strategy and roadmaps

Drive innovation across operations, products and services through next-generation technologies such as AI and ML

Re-orient operating models and capability structures

Transform their organisations

5Q Framework

As organisations evolve into algorithmic enterprises enabled by technologies such as AI and ML, they must evaluate themselves against the five key elements of excellence in a dynamic world paradigm. We call it our 5Q Framework.

The five key elements of excellence are as follows.

  • Value quotient: Form partnerships to co-create new value streams by building capabilities to bring about value convergence through partnerships
  • Agility quotient: Ensure the speed of operations is appropriate in terms of faster time to market and/or faster turnaround time, among others
  • Experience quotient: Bring customer in focus while designing experience across employees and partners to drive net promoter score
  • Adaptability quotient: Use technologies such as cloud, microservices and API framework to drive ‘adaptation of business to market needs’
  • Disruptive quotient: Drive actionable outcomes through data, intelligence and integration

We possess deep industry knowledge, global insights and digital transformation expertise that allows us to provide our clients with a sustainable competitive advantage, value creation, operational improvements and new technology adaptation.

Our Expertise

We specialise in questioning the status quo. Our experts bring deep industry and functional expertise and a range of perspectives to enable client organisations to embrace change. We follow a collaborative model throughout all levels of client organisations, fuelled by the goal of helping our clients thrive and meet their goals and objectives.

Digital by Design

Businesses now operate in an environment that is in a ‘constant state of emergence’. All business models and processes must be reinvented, irrespective of the organisational objectives of business optimisation, growth or protection. ​


An organisation that fails to bring about new changes over time will either be taken over by competitors or new entrants. Disruptive innovations are like missiles launched at companies with no shelter. To be prepared all the time from a threatening market change, it is imperative that companies re-wire themselves to match the pace of technological innovations. However, by now, it has become evident that DX is not just about technology but also about people, capability and products that create value for customers, partners and the business at large.


Our perspective on DX is, hence, focused on three critical interlinked elements: business, technology and design. These elements enable an organisation to create value in the market and for itself and partners on a continual basis. ‘Amazon Go’ is an extremely good example of a ‘phygital store’ converging business, technology and design to provide enhanced touchless shopping experience and value to Amazon’s customers.


In our opinion, such convergence can allow organisations to build the fundamental building blocks of an extremely responsive, agile and adaptable enterprise. The 3Ps, i.e. products, processes and people, are the means through which this value is delivered and are the critical elements that define the contours of change for an organisation.


So, the convergence of business, technology and design is nothing but the realignment of business priorities by keeping technology and design elements in mind in every sphere of organisational decision-making. This calls for significant transition in the mindsets of leaders, who need to rethink their organisational structures and realign business operating models to incorporate technology and design in structural, strategic and operational decision-making. This may well mean altering the culture and fundamental tenets on which the core building blocks of the ‘next generation enterprise’ will be based on.


At present, business outcomes are driven by incorporating technology and design into products to launch product features sooner. Such features are flexibly delivered to meet customer needs. These features capture intelligence throughout the product life cycle to continuously test the fitness for purpose for the consumption life cycle. This can only be enabled if a process can be redesigned by technologies such as automation and data-driven intelligence, keeping human-centred design for stakeholders.


Nonetheless, it is people at the end of the day who are at the helm to deliver services. With technology fast building value in the workspace, people’s capabilities must be enhanced to work along with robots to deliver outcomes faster and effective. This will mean building design elements to a comprehensive convergence of the two capabilities.


The 3Ps are the critical elements that define the contours of change for an organisation.

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