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BLOG / CAPA India Market Update Q1 FY20

Extracts from the CAPA India Airline Outlook FY2022

4 June, 2021 : We have run out of words to describe the state of Indian airlines. But as we have repeatedly emphasised, the industry is standing on the edge of a cliff. This...

BLOG / Latest Insights

Key Trends in Indian Aviation in FY2022: Impact of Second Wave

4 May, 2021 : The second COVID wave could precipitate a collapse of the sector, without intervention. The extent of the challenge is reflected in an airline under-recovery of almost USD70 per pax. In...


Is Indian aviation set for a COVID-induced growth coma?

26 June, 2020 : CAPA India has been tracking the progression and impact of COVID since Jan-2020 and in significant detail from Mar-2020. In four detailed updates, we have evaluated the impact on the...

BLOG / Commercial freedom for India’s struggling

Commercial freedom for India’s struggling airline industry

26 June, 2020 : Commercial freedom can deliver a quick win for India’s struggling airline industry. CAPA India’s recent webinar on ‘Reinventing the Airline Business Model’ highlighted many critical strategic reforms that are required...

BLOG / India Aviation

COVID-19 & the state of the Indian aviation industry

6 April, 2020 : Global aviation is in the midst of a crisis for which the industry is fast running out of adjectives. Based on the number of daily flights tracked by Flightradar24, global...

BLOG / India Aviation

Indian aviation faces massive disruption on the road out of COVID

1 May, 2020 : Recovery will not be easy and will require critical strategic decisions to be taken by the industry and the government. Indian aviation is expected to confront a series of challenges...