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CAPA India Aviation Insights

Subscription to CAPA India Aviation Insights

The subscription service provides you timely, accurate, and practical research and data to support your business and strategic planning decisions and risk management.


Companies with exposure to Indian aviation need a trusted and reliable research partner.

  • In the post-COVID era, businesses must be armed to face any future shocks, whether related to the economy, trade or geo-political instability.

  • In such an environment access to research and data that is timely, accurate, practical and focused on outcomes becomes invaluable.

  • CAPA India Aviation Insights leverages our strengths as the largest and most experience advisory and research practice in the region. With a portfolio of more than 225 consulting projects and hundreds of research reports across the aviation value chain in India and South Asia alone, we have developed unrivalled data and insights on Indian aviation.

A subscription to CAPA India Aviation Insights, the market’s most accurate and reliable research service, will for the very first time enable users to benchmark Indian aviation against global best practices on demand.

The service will deliver value in
three essential areas:

  • 01

    Provide boards and leadership teams with a clear understanding of strategic issues and risks

    • Quarterly board and CEO briefing with exclusive strategic insights into the market, competition, consumers, regulations, risks and other critical issues
    • Special rates on board and senior management presentations
  • 02

    Deliver invaluable IP and data to support business and strategic planning teams:

    • Annual India Outlook Report
    • Four quarterly reports that provide strategic updates on industry developments, market performance and trends, financial analysis and key risks
    • Sectoral updates on airlines, airports, ground handling, MRO, duty free and retail, policy and regulation
    • Special reports on issues such as COVID-19
    • Two 1-hour tele-consulting sessions per annum with CAPA specialists
  • 03

    Provide boards and leadership teams with a clear understanding of strategic issues and risks

    Soon-to-be-launched online database supported by configurable visualisation tools, that give access to the latest and updated industry data such as:

    • Airport traffic (domestic, international, passengers, cargo, ATMs)
    • Airline traffic and operating metrics (e.g. passengers, cargo, ASKs, block hours, market share, load factors and inbound and outbound arrivals)
    • Airline, airport and supplier financial analysis and ratios
    • Best practice analysis using Indian and global benchmarks updated quarterly, e.g. CASK, CASK breakdown, RASK, ancillary revenue share, aircraft utilisation, margin analysis, airport revenue breakdown and airport efficiency metrics
    • Fleet database
  • The customisation of the offer to track specific requirements is possible through our bespoke strategic planning service, CAPA India Innovation & Research Centre.

    This platform allows you to iintegrate our dedicated resources with your strategc and planning departments on a long-term basis to provide actionable research tailored to your specific requirements.