Post-COVID Business Plan Post-COVID Business Plan

Post-COVID Business Plan

COVID is the most significant crisis that Indian aviation has ever faced. This comprehensive research report will be the definitive guide for businesses to help them navigate their way out of lockdown and the associated complexities & risks.

A business plan for the recovery of the
Indian aviation industry post-COVID

  • Based on extensive research and innovative modelling, this report will be indispensable for aviation companies to gain insights into what the post-COVID market will look like, and to understand the critical issues that could impact their performance. It will also highlight positive opportunities that may exist to evolve business models and customer propositions.

  • This practical and detailed study will assess the impact on Indian airlines, foreign carriers, airport operators, ground handling companies, MROs, travel distribution companies, and inbound and outbound tourism operators.

  • The report will address the crisis year FY21, prospects for recovery in FY22, and the likely market structure in FY23, including recommendations on the necessary policy, regulatory and fiscal initiatives required for all.

  • Research and data is in CAPA India India‚Äôs DNA. We are proud of our positive 17-year track record of addressing critical issues and solving problems for the industry through applied and consultative research.

  • Now more than ever, as we enter uncharted territory, accurate and insightful research will be essential.

  • Support effective short and long term planning and for business to remain competitive and viable. This report will enable companies to leverage the significant investment that CAPA India has made in understanding the impact of COVID, and its implications for recovery.

This comprehensive report will present key strategic lessons based on extensive analysis of the following areas

  • Detailed modelling of the infection curve and what this means for the resumption of travel.
  • Learnings for the current crisis that can be gleaned from analysis of previous shocks and recovery g. 9/11, sars, global financial crisis.
  • Comparison of the indian aviation industry today, almost 30 years after deregulation, with the similar timeframe in the us, which marked a positive, structural turning point in american aviation and led to sustained profitability.
  • The state of the indian and global economies and how this will impact demand for domestic & international travel.
  • The nature and impact of stimulus packages and what this means for the rate of recovery of demand.
  • Inbound & outbound travel trends and how this will impact the volume and direction of international traffic.
  • Passenger sentiment analysis and confidence-building measures and their impact on deman.
  • The condition of the aviation sector and how supply-side issues could impact the deployment of capacity.
  • Traffic and fleet projections for fy21, fy22 and fy23.
  • Airline network planning strategies post-covid and what this means for airports and the travel sector.
  • Modelling of route networks at the top 10 airports.
  • Changes to operating procedures and how this will affect costs, efficiency and the desire to travel.
  • Medium & long-term implications for key sectors g. Airlines, airports, ground handlers, mros, travel etc.
  • Critical strategic issues that will drive competitive dynamics and shape the structure of the industry.
  • Risk assessment and mitigation strategies.
  • And critical recommendations for strategy, operations, finance, policy, regulation, people and leadership.